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Lab Productions interviews

James Bullard
by: lusher 15 Mar 2003

Q and A with the Casanova of Ken Park

Handpicked from a Texas stage while playing music with his band and tossed into the world of Ken Park, James Bullard is the quiet eye of the storm in this incredibly divisive picture. While music is his first love, the acting bug has also bit James - and if his performance in Ken Park is any indication, look for him to go places. A genuinely good, down-to-earth guy, he's the Casanova of Ken Park, which is certainly an enviable position.

Following is a Q and A with the soft-spoken kid from El Paso, Texas.

Lab: Is Ken Park your first acting gig?

James Bullard: I was an extra for a Lion BarT commercial once.

Lab: How was the experience of making the film?

JB: Everybody from the crew to the cast were very passionate about Ken Park. I was learning something new everyday, whether it was watching them light the scene or twisting my ankle trying to skateboard. It's definitely an experience I'll never forget.

Lab: How did you prepare for your role?

JB: I had read the screenplay a few times before the shooting even started, but even then I could only do so much until we were on set. Each day we were given sides, and I'd put on the clothes, and then just try and think of how Shawn would go about his daily routine, to try and feel that familiarity he had with his friends and lovers in his life.

Lab: Do you look forward to doing any acting in the future?

JB: If the opportunity came up again, I wouldn't hesitate.

Lab: How was it working with Larry Clark?

JB: Larry was very intent on what he wanted with this film and I think he captured every nuance on camera. Working with Larry was a learning process. I got a chance to learn something new and I embraced that. He and Ed were a great team, and I hope they go on to collaborate again.

Lab: Did you listen to anything music-wise to get you to a necessary place emotionally?

JB: Well, we had radios on the set, but on some of the days we had time to kill I would bring my guitar. But as far as preparing for a scene, not really.

Lab: What music are you into these days?

JB: Lets see, these days I've been listening to: Maxwell - "Now," Shuggie Otis - "Inspiration Information," Rolling Stones - "Forty Licks."

Lab: Tell me a little about your music project.

JB: Right now, it's pretty much just coming up with new material everyday. I've been playing a lot down on 6th street lately and it's been really nurturing for me.

Lab: Do you prefer acting over music or vice versa?

JB: Not necessarily. I believe there can be a balance between the two. But if I had to choose just one, it would definitely be my music.

Lab: What projects do you have coming up in the future?

JB: Right before I left Los Angeles I auditioned for numerous roles, but nothing ever came of it. Right now I'm really just trying to focus on my education. The only projects I've been working on recently have all been music collaborations with my close friends.

For more on James Bullard and Ken Park, check out the Official Larry Clark Website.

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